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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to my session?

Comfortable clothes - nothing too tight or that cuts into the skin. Most clients wear comfortable active wear but any loose clothing works. For ladies, a bra is optional. Darker coloured clothes are advised, as the blue fluff from the navy blankets can be noticeable on lighter colours.

We normally practise in socks or barefoot - if you are prone to cold feet, socks are best. If you are generally sensitive to the cold, please feel free to also wear a comfortable jumper/sweat shirt during the session.


Bring along a water bottle. Please place phones and Apple watches on silent and in your bag. If you need to be contacted urgently, please let me know prior to the session start and we can work out a suitable solution that preserves both yours and the experience of others.

What does an STM session look like? 

Before the session: I will go through your registration form and any health concerns you may have, working through modifications/adjustments that may be needed to suit your needs.


At the start: I will give you a short explanation of STM and how the session flows. You will also have the opportunity to enhance your practise with essential oil therapy.


During the session: I will guide you through the STM sequence and explain each of the poses to suit your body’s needs. I will then either apply props and support to your body during the session or instruct you on how to do this yourself.


At the end: This is a time for reflection and sharing or your experience (if comfortable), normally over a cup of nourishing herbal tea.

What can I expect from my first session? 

Every client has a different session. Most often, we experience a ‘busy’ mind with many thoughts coming through. Clients may also experience sensations, sometimes unusual, in the body. There can occasionally also be some emotion released. The depth of the experience is enriched through the depth of practise. Most clients leave the experience feeling ease within the body and a deep state of relaxation. In some cases, clients can have some residual emotion, but most feel a sense of lightness and quietness within the mind.


It is important to remember that STM is a practise. It takes time for the mind, body and nervous system to learn how to connect, rest and relax, particularly if this has not been a focus.


It is important to bring kindness and compassion to ourselves as we move through this restorative journey.

How frequently should I attend STM sessions?

This is a practice. In order to deepen the experience and receive the benefits, regular attendance is encouraged. Weekly or fortnightly sessions create the most impactful and lasting changes. Monthly or bi-monthly sessions can still provide connection and relaxation but the learning process is lengthened.


It is your preference as to what works for you and doing anything that supports our health and wellbeing is always the best option. 

My first STM session allowed me to fall into a deep relaxation that shape-shifted some physical pain. Every session from then on has been different and that’s what’s beautiful. Paula’s gentle and supportive approach allows me to meet my body where it’s at, practise self-compassion and hear the messages my body is sending me. It feels almost like magic when you release, heal and nourish your body and mind in such a safe space. I was hooked from day one! Paula has a beautiful healing vibe, ability to empathise and a lovely personality.


I whole heartedly recommend trying out Stillness Through Movement with Paula.

Hayley Meyer - Graphic Designer

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