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Meet Paula

Hi, I'm Paula, owner of Stillness through Movement Perth. 

As an IICT accredited Level 3 STM Practitioner, I am trained in Four Pillars, Deep Rest, Ayurvedic Doshas and Blanket Origami. My role is to teach and support you to connect with your body, quieten your mind, and learn to let go to experience deep rest that heals the body and builds a healthy, regulated nervous system.

My Journey

I'm a qualified and experienced therapeutic practitioner with Postgraduate degrees in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Primary and Early Childhood Education, and Commerce. I also have Foundational Training in Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) and NeuroAffective Touch Somatic Psychotherapy.


My health journey began after burning out in 2016. Having worked as an educator in the public school system for more than 10 years, I was well versed in working long hours, pursuing perfectionism and allowing self-sabotaging patterns to drive my actions and behaviour. This ultimately resulted in adrenal fatigue and nervous system dysregulation that forced me to stop working and focus on my recovery.


I discovered Stillness Through Movement (STM) through studying with Dr Libby Weaver, a renowned and respected Australian Nutritional Biochemist and Dietician. I learned about the biochemistry of the body and the importance of undertaking intentional, regular and consistent restorative practise to support and care for my nervous system. Very different from a regular exercise routine or other relaxation activity, which most people would think is more than enough to support the body and mind.


In 2017, I flew to Queensland to experience the practice firsthand with Tracy Whitton, Founder of STM. This experience inspired me to commence face-face training with her at the Burleigh Heads studio, completing my Level 3 STM Practitioner qualification in 2019. I am currently the only practitioner with this level of training offering STM in Western Australia.


STM and meditation have become part of my life. The practice continues to restore my health and deepen my understanding of the mind/body connection and nervous system regulation.


I am passionate about sharing my experience and educating others on the importance of caring for their nervous system and, I am committed to giving others the best opportunity to experience the healing wisdom of this practice.

"Almost a decade ago, I was fortunate to have an experience of a practice that led to a deeper rest and level of calm than I had experienced through any other practice. It is called Stillness Through Movement (STM) and was created by Tracy Whitton. Part of the practice involves lying in yoga poses supported by bolsters and weighted down with blankets. Your body has nothing to do except its essential processes (breathing, heart pumping blood, for example). This combination of support and weight, plus the breath focus of this practice, activates the PNS and dampens down the SNS more effectively than anything else I’ve experienced. The pituitary gland must finally do a deep breath herself during this practice because finally she is not having to put out the fires created by the SNS.”

Dr Libby Weaver

"The Invisible Load" (page 150)

After never really being a fan of yoga and struggling to get into poses that my body just couldn’t do, I decided to search for something else. STM was something I had never heard of and, after reading up on it, I thought it sounded like just what my body needed. To find stillness and tranquility.


My first STM session was so heavenly, I felt my body melt into deep relaxation. This was a hit for me, as my busy lifestyle does not encourage me to just take time to be still and unwind, so I find this difficult to do without purpose. STM really allows me to give myself this much needed time.
Paula is a fantastic teacher and her way of nurturing you through the poses makes you feel so at ease. Paula shows you how to get into each pose and helps you achieve optimal comfort for relaxation, using a variety of propping options. She guides you through breathing techniques that encourage your body to sink into a relaxed state so you can find that blissful stillness. Paula’s studio is beautiful and calm, and you start to unwind as soon as you walk in. Her nurturing words make you feel supported and help you fall into that deep state of calmness. Once you find stillness, she allows you that space to just be. There is no pressure to move.

I would highly recommend this to everyone, as it’s a place to actually switch off and get in touch with how you are feeling. Sometimes you can feel emotions come up and that’s totally find, as you know you are in good hands with Paula.

Lucy Kramer - Textile Designer

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