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STM Sessions

Why Restorative Practice? 

In our world today, it is common to live on stress hormone production as part of “normal life”. The constant output of stress hormones, Adrenaline and Cortisol, is not sustainable and creates nervous system dysregulation.


When this happens, we may experience sleep disruption or insomnia, feeling “wired but tired”, metabolic, thyroid and weight issues, adrenal fatigue and burnout. Without intervention, this can eventually contribute to illness and disease, where the body is unable to rest, regulate and heal.


Allowing space and time for therapeutic restorative practice is key to managing the body's stress response and creating optimum health and wellness.

Why STM?

STM helps regulate the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) by working to:


  • Decrease Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) response: the part that produces stress hormones - the “fight/flight/freeze” response


  • Increase Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) response: the part that down regulates stress hormones - the “rest/digest” response


STM creates space for connection, teaching the mind and body how to rest deeply, allowing time for the body to move back into homeostasis. Regular STM therapy nourishes the PNS, balances the endocrine (hormone) system and creates a healthy regulated nervous system.


Private (2 hours)

This one-to-one session allows for deeper discussion to gain an awareness and understanding of current health issues and stress levels.


You are guided and supported  through an individualised sequence, with prop placement catering to your specific needs.


The session ends with reflection time and a nourishing cup of herbal tea. Appropriate after-care advice and home practice may be provided, where necessary.

Being in a high-stress position I sought STM as an intervention to assist me in managing stress. I am a long committed individual to mindfulness practice and felt STM would be a good fit for my already acquired skill level. I was amazed as to the effect it had on my body taking me to a level of relaxation that I have not previously experienced. STM was like nothing I have felt before - Amazing.


I recommend this practice to everyone especially people in high-stress situations, or who suffer from anxiety and trauma. Paula is a fantastic warm practitioner who is reassuring and understanding so give her a call.

Annette Paul - Psychologist

I was drawn to try STM to help relax my nervous system during a busy time at work. Paula’s calming presence immediately made me feel at ease as I entered her beautiful space. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Paula explained everything very clearly whilst directing us into various restorative poses with weighted blankets. During each pose I felt calmer and at ease throughout the session and I reached a meditative and calm state.


I left the session like I was floating on clouds, I was so much calmer. I’d highly recommend STM for those who are feeling highly stressed and looking for a way to calm their anxiety.

Chloe Dennison, Naturopath

Semi Private (2 hours)

This shared session allows for brief discussion regarding general health profiles and any modifications that may be necessary on the day.


Both attendees are guided through the same planned STM sequence, modified to meet individual ability levels and assisted with prop placement. Direction will be given on further prop support to supplement your practise.


The session ends with reflection time, a cup of nurturing organic herbal tea and after-care advice, where necessary.

Stillness through Movement restorative practice semi private sessions
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