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Nervous System Therapy

Calm the Mind ~ Relax the Body ~ Soothe the Nervous System

Stillness Through Movement (STM) is a therapeutic restorative movement-based practice that helps calm the mind, relax the body and regulate the nervous system.


Practised on the floor, STM involves slow, conscious movement and pausing through a purposeful sequence of restorative poses, intuitively guided to meet your needs.


Comfort is key to supporting a healthy nervous system response. All poses are nurtured with supportive props like heavy blankets, weighted bags, bolsters, cushions and eye pillows.


STM sessions include breath work, mindfulness, meditation and further enhanced with the use of heat, aromatherapy and therapeutic touch.


STM encourages the connection between mind and body to balance and restore the nervous system. Perfect for anyone who experiences stress, anxiety, overwhelm or adrenal fatigue and needs to unwind and reconnect to stillness.


It is in the stillness of the mind that we create time and space for the innate healing wisdom of the body.

An eye pillow provides gentle weight that invites relaxation

Private Session

A one-to-one session that suits complex health issues or those who prefer privacy.

Each body is unique and requires personalised movement

Semi Private Session

A shared session for those who would like to attend with a friend or as a couple. 

I had never heard about STM before until a client mentioned it. What I found in doing the practice is that it enabled me to feel a lot more self-aware and connected to my emotions, so I could continue to do follow up work on what came up outside of the session. I loved the heavy organic cotton blankets, and the postures are so relaxing. Paula did a beautiful job at explaining everything thoroughly and helped me to feel at ease, relaxed, supported and comforted. STM is unique in that the postures are conducted in a still meditative position, with heavy blankets to help calm the nervous system and create stillness in the body and mind. Very different to yoga, which is more movement base. STM provides the perfect environment to help you really reconnect to your body and find inner stillness.


I would highly recommend STM for anyone that is stressed out and needs some time to go within and let go. A beautiful supportive practice for everyone.

Rachel Dhanjal - Kinesiologist & Mindset Coach

Hi, I'm Paula, owner of Stillness through Movement Perth. 

As a Level 3 STM Practitioner, my role is to teach and support you to connect with your body, quieten your mind, and learn to let go to experience deep rest that heals the body and builds a healthy, regulated nervous system.

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